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Previously Invited Speakers


Christopher Burt
– Parenting and Family Development Specialist

Jessica Wollen
– Teacher and Certified Sexual Health Educator



Council of Parent Participation Preschools in BC

Thanks to CPPPBC for supporting us with resources! Here are the current links on play-based education provided by the Council:

Parent Cooperative Preschools International

“I don’t know anyway parents can learn as much as they can through participating in a parent cooperative nursery school.”
-Dr. Katharine Whiteside Taylor

Local Workshops and Presentations

The Alder Centre
– The Adlerian Psychology Association of BC offers education, workshops and services that promote parenting support and positive family relationships.

Anxiety BC Parent
– Anxiety Disorders Association of BC (Anxiety BC) is a non profit organization that works to increase awareness about anxiety disorders and promote education and evidence-based treatments. This website offers information and hands-on tips for parents to help children with anxiety.

Burnaby Early Childhood Development
– It offers a local ‘one-stop shop’ hub for information, resources, agencies, events and more.

Information Children
– Information Children provides information, support and referrals from the Burnaby community of SFU to parents and others on most any matters related to the care and well-being of children and families.

Recommended Books

Dr. Dan Siegel
Dr. Dan Siegel’s website includes books, DVDs, resources and research on the human mind (neuroscience) and well-being. The Whole Brain Child (DVD & book) includes strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind and survive parenting struggles.
Parenting from the Inside Out (DVD)

Gordon Neufeld
– Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s website includes books, DVDs, audio downloads, and courses on an attachment based developmental model of parenting.  *Free Video Resources (NEW)*

Dr. Deborah McNamara
– Teacher and Counsellor in the relational-developmental approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott: Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way
The Positive Discipline Program was created by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott. The Positive Discipline website makes resources accessible to Canadians through workshops, classes, books, and downloads.

*Parent education library books are available at the preschool.  Sign-out is required.

-Updated on April 2018