How are parents involved at Hillview?

As a parent involved preschool, we rely on parents to run the preschool and contribute to the quality of the program we provide. We realize that all families are busy and have a variety of time commitments, therefore we work hard to offer a variety of options for participation.

1. Orientation
We welcome all families to be involved in the ongoing operation of the preschool. We hold an orientation meeting in September to help parents become familiar with the classroom, the daily routine, and the expectations for in class volunteering. This meeting will help you feel confident and prepared while you are participating with your child. At that time, we will also help you to find a job that works for your family and let you know what you will need to do to complete that job.

2. Parent Executive and Non-Executive Jobs
Every family will participate in an executive or non-executive job throughout the year. Jobs vary based on family interest and ability. Please expect that your family will need to contribute at least 50 hours per year in volunteer time. This will include at least two cleaning shifts (one mid-year and one year-end), some sort of family job or committee work, and possibly in class volunteer hours. Here are some examples of ways volunteer hours may work out:

Example #1


1 Volunteer Day/Month (3.5 hours * 10 months)


1 Small Job Taking About 1 hour per month (newsletter, handy person, shopper)


2 cleaning shifts

Example #2


A Large Family Job (Such As Any Executive Position)


Multiple Smaller Jobs equaling about 5 hours/month


2 cleaning shifts

Example #3


2 Volunteer Days/Month


A very small or once a year type job (such as inventory/earthquake supplies or scholastic)


2 Cleaning Shifts

3. General and Executive Meetings

Each parent is required to attend evening general meetings at the preschool. During these meetings, he/she would have opportunities to connect with other like-minded ones to create a strong local community while discussing the business of the preschool. It is an excellent time for parents to voice their opinions and have a say in their child’s education. You should expect about 5-7 mandatory general meetings per year. The executive committee meets about once per month and all members are welcome – but not required – to attend.

4. Fundraising
In order to keep up with the costs of running a strong and vibrant preschool program, we are committed to hold regular fundraisers throughout the year.  If there are any fundraising suggestions, please kindly let us know.

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Hockey Poll
  • Pub Night
  • Silent Auction
  • Chocolate Sales
  • Entertainment Book Sales

Many thanks to our community vendors for the year round donations!


In a nutshell, endless opportunities are provided for keen parents to get hands-on and be an active part of their child’s early years education!


Duty Days
In class parent volunteering is a very important (but optional) component of our program. If you are able, we would highly encourage you to participate in the classroom on a regular basis (about once a month). This is a special way for you to experience preschool with your child. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be available for you to sign up on a day which is convenient for you. Licensing regulations require you complete a criminal records check prior to volunteering in class. More information will be provided.

Parent Education Workshops
One of the beneficial experiences that families are able to grow from a PPP/PIP program is to attend a Parent Education workshop.

  (Source: Hillview Parent Participation Preschool’s Parent Manual, Burnaby, BC, Canada)